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the leading and most effective, qualified, and efficient sales and specification team in the Southwest.

What makes a good partner? We believe the most important ingredient is having the best personnel. HSW’s associates are well trained, experienced, disciplined, enthusiastic, and professional. Our key people each build from a strong record of past success. They average 15 years with HSW and over 20 years in the electrical industry. We are supported with state of the art operating systems, technology, and sales tools. Our facilities are large, well located and equipped with material handling machinery exceeding 10,000 lbs. HSW can provide everything from electrical product specification to complete cable management programs.

We feature a 55,000 square foot service center in Houston, Texas. This facility is home to our administrative and inside sales staff along with various manufacturers' products that we inventory. Our warehouse features wire and cable cutting equipment along with several forklifts and a ten ton overhead crane for material handling.

In addition to our Houston Service Center we have sales offices in Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio/Austin, El Paso, and Oklahoma City. HSW focuses on conducting specification work at the electrical engineering and end user level.

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Product Announcements

October 2018

Hodges Southwest is pleased to announce that Joe Werthmann has joined our team as the Territory Manager in West Texas. Joe lives in El Paso with his wife Nancy and family. He has over 30 years of sales experience with over 20 years in wire and cable in the electrical industry. Joe also has a strong OEM/Manufacturing cable sales background. His goal is to develop a strong following of customers for Hodges Southwest.

September 2018

Hodges Southwest now represents Elite Components in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.
Elite Components’ mission is to supply high quality hanger, strut and strut related products to the Plumbing, Electrical, Fire Protection, HVAC and construction industries combined with world-class service. They use their relationships with qualified and reliable suppliers throughout the world to provide quality components at competitive pricing to provide the best value for their customers. Elite Components product line started with basic products that met or exceeded industry standards and they are adding to their product catalog regularly.
Stocked in Houston.

August 2018

Hodges Southwest now represents ASD Lighting in North Texas and Oklahoma.
HSW has been representing ASD in South Texas since July and is excited to further extend our partnership. ASD Lighting offers a wide range of LED lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial and residential applications such as hotels, schools, airports, hospitals, parking garages, warehouses, retail, etc.
Stocked in Houston.

July 2018

Hodges Southwest now represents International Metal Hose in Texas and Oklahoma.
Since their founding in 1957, they have expanded their product offering from flexible metal hose for exhaust applications to products for electrical, fluid-handling, electronic, and telecommunications applications. International Metal Hose manufactures and markets a wide variety of flexible electrical conduit products which comply with UL® and CSA® standards. They also offer International Sealskin™, an extensive line of UL and Non-UL listed, metallic and non-metallic, liquid tight flexible conduit and computer blue flex conduit.
Stocked in Houston.

Hodges Southwest now represents ASD Lighting in South Texas.
ASD has been in business in Eastern Europe since 1999 and is one of the fastest growing LED luminaire manufacturers in the USA. They offer both indoor and outdoor luminaires that pass rigorous testing procedures established by UL®, DLC®, & Energy Star®. All of their products are listed in the Department of Energy's Lighting Facts program. ASD Lighting offers a wide range of LED lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial and residential applications such as hotels, schools, airports, hospitals, parking garages, warehouses, retail, etc.
Stocked in Houston.

June 2018

Hodges Southwest is pleased to annouce the promotions of four outstanding associates. Carlos Sanchez is now Vice President of Sales in South Texas, Ronny Stanford is Vice President of Sales in North Texas and Oklahoma, Kathi Cole is Vice President of Operations, and Cindy Carpenter is Vice President of Administration and Finance. Please join us in congratulating them as they continue on this journey.

Hodges Southwest now represents General Cable's OEM division for the South Central Region.
General Cable is one of the largest wire and cable companies in North America, with a 170-year history of industry leadership. Their leading wire and cable products and brands are known for their high quality and outstanding performance.

May 2018

Hodges Southwest now represents Globalux Lighting in Texas and Oklahoma.
Founded over 40 years ago as a Southern California based manufacturer, Globalux is the source of a broad range of lighting products with uncompromising emphasis on energy efficiency, superior materials, and optical performance. Their product offering includes a comprehensive assortment of residential and commercial fluorescents, a diverse selection of compact fluorescent and LED fixtures, the most popular HID, Emergency/Exits, and lamps to round out a complete product package.

The Team


Tom Hodges


Carlos Sanchez


Ronny Stanford


Dana Sprayberry


Joe Werthmann


Ray Garcia


Joe Huff


Marty Aubert


Kathi Cole


Del Delahoussaye


Ashley Jackson


Danny Wix


Cindy Carpenter

Product Specialists

Frequently, the loss of an order is attributed to price. In Texas and Oklahoma, our many years of experience tell us if a product is properly presented to the correct decision makers, purchase price becomes a secondary issue. Perceived value is more significant than purchase price. We also understand that each level in the electrical channel has its own priorities. It is our job at HSW to determine the correct decision makers. It may be an owner, an owner’s agent, a specification firm, a contractor, or the purchasing agent at distribution. The sale usually starts long before the buy, even with so-called commodity products.

In addition to sales offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin, West Texas, and Oklahoma City, we maintain fulltime specification personnel in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Throughout Texas and Oklahoma, we are averaging many direct specification contacts per month and several “specifier lunch and learn” presentations. We believe we have the finest and most effective professional specification team in the marketplace.

Our manufacturers have worked hard for many years to develop products and services that distinguish them from the competition. With this as a foundation, the HSW team creates value.

Best Practices

NEMRA Member

Hodges Southwest is a NEMRA member serving the Electrical and Communications markets throughout Texas.

Netcom One

Hodges Southwest is a member of Netcom One, a group of geographically non-competitive top NEMRA members who meet for three working days twice a year to sharpen our skills and best practices while learning from one another and top industry leaders. Members represent a variety of manufacturers and geographic territories which allows for open discussion and brainstorming on how to better relate through similar, but non-competing market conditions.

Quotation Management

Our quotation management system tracks the exact status of every outstanding quotation with current feedback. At any given moment we are tracking millions of dollars of outstanding opportunities. This information is extremely important and we manage, monitor, and report the information carefully.


We work hand in hand with lead electrical and design engineers focusing primarily on having our principals' products approved.


We focus on conducting specification work at both the electrical end user and contractor levels as well as the E & C (engineering and construction).

Electrical Industry Tracking & Forecasting

Hodges Southwest tracks and forecasts Texas electrical industry sales in conjunction with the highly specialized electrical industry information service DISC, which is widely recognized as the electrical industry leader in market analysis and forecasting. This specialized service provides current information by county in Texas on what electrical distributors are selling. We have customized this service by market area to allow us to set realistic targets with our manufacturer partners and monitor our performance.

Highly Efficient Communications

We have installed on every computer a virtual assistant which is an internal communications system that allows efficient movement of information from person to person. The telephones and computers are fully integrated. Each sales person is equipped with a smartphone in order to provide quick and complete communications. We have the latest quotation monitoring software and Laserfiche scanning technology which allows us to process quotes, orders and shipping information electronically providing our sales force important real time information.

The Hodges Hotwire

Our periodic email communiciation—The Hodges Hotwire—enhances our customer's awareness of our manufacturers' product offerings. The Hodges Hotwire is emailed to over 1500 electrical distributors and contractor subscribers throughout Texas and Oklahoma. The Hodges Hotwire is a key tool that we use to keep our customer base continually aware of new products, featured products, ever changing market conditions and upcoming events.


Please contact us for more information!

Corrosion College

Corrosion College is a hands-on short course that provided proven solutions for the prevention of industrial corrosion through classroom and hands-on experience. Grants of 1.5 CEUs are available to participants upon successful completion. Corrosion College provides hands-on experience in understanding the process of corrosion through two days of intensive instruction conducted by professionals in the field of corrosion protection. Corrosion College helps participants explore and understand proven strategies for combating corrosion.

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